The following reading is the fifth in a series of geomantic investigations into the speculative presence of extraterrestrial intelligence and technology here on earth.

Query: Will a global first contact event occur in my lifetime?

Court: The Judge is a strong indication that a first contact event could occur in my lifetime, while the Right Witness may be suggesting that this will be a challenging yet successful process for all involved. The Left Witness possibly suggests that humanity is now sufficiently receptive to an event of this magnitude, though I struggle to interpret the symbolic meaning of the Sentence at this time.

Viae Punctorum: Via Puncti Aeris leads back to Via within the 3rd Triplicity on the quesited’s side of the chart, perhaps implying that this event could occur, in part, as a result of significant changes in terms of how humanity has conceived of themselves and life elsewhere in the universe. Via Puncti Aquae leads back to Amissio within the 1st Triplicity on the querent’s half of the chart which I struggle to interpret at the moment, but suspect has something to do with the diminishment of emotion (be it ours or theirs) as another factor underlying a potential first contact event.

Triplicities:  The 1st Triplicity may be reflecting the peaceful intentions of the contacting species, while also conveying that they have gained a sufficient enough understanding of humanity to initiate this event. N2 within the 2nd Triplicity reflects a descent or sorrow of some kind, though I struggled to understand the context offered by its parental figures at this time. The 3rd Triplicity may be implying that humanity will be transformed and brought together by this event if it were to occur, though I also struggle to comprehend what is being conveyed by the 4th Triplicity which is a recurrence of the 1st.

Chart Sum: The sum of this chart (100) may or may not be suggesting that a global first contact event could occur within the next 15 years.

Featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash