Prompt: The world
Duration: 5 minutes

get out while the gettins good motherfuckers dont want the end of all that is nothing between this and the futures glow with me alone in this place before we all succeed in finding the one thing that only thing … stand alone and wait for bullets and … forever see this coming again … I dont have any where else to find you and last long I know I have this again … donate away you fuckers and lie and wait … havent you seen them … dont you know where they are again and again over the rainbow affixing mission set to retrieve one after another … glow … rain … feed enough people to give the world a sense of silence so that we may all go in peace nowhere to be found … lost again … transmission lost … I … havent seen enough just yet Ive seen enough here to last a thousand years future lore … wondering heights high in the space above the clouds where the sounds are original … infinite skills underneath … hollow queens setting fire to the world above this vision of the future for I have not been there before you … alone again … riverdoor … eyes on the prize my friend … we are going for a ride like the winter coming … havent you seen them alone in the … it is time to go away to frequent places we all know to survive here but they just dont fucking know the difference … tired of this place and wonder far along from where I started from somewhere … take this shit and find a soft space to rest your head so that we may all … unending prison lights shift the … tramsmission lost … moving west now in desert sands from javelins to keepers to nomads to succulents and … bullets and storms cloud visions of people before the war the end of all this fuckery amid the afterglow … love and let live … harbor you own thought … affixing mind trying to find likeness inbetween … wondering atoms in thee process ov time … how do we know … we dont know anything … over … gain.

Featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash