The following preliminary experiments were conducted to test the application of hypnagogia and dream lucidity to controlled anomalous cognition. The target of perception was chosen by Sentiws who, one month ago, was asked to recall to memory an object that she owned prior to our meeting, that is no longer in her possession, and which has never been mentioned to me […]

I retire for the evening, lie down, and begin internally repeating the statement “When I dream, I will know that I am dreaming”. I then imagine myself in the first-person perspective, sitting cross-legged on the ground in the middle of an empty city street. As I enter the hypnagogic state, I continue to hold the scene in my mind […]

The following dream incubations occurred over a period of nine days with three nights missed. The queries that were chosen for this first series of experiments concerned a loved one who continues to struggle with a rare non-organ-specific autoimmune disorder for which there is no known cure. Despite her presence in three out of the six dreams recorded […]

There are features of oneiric reality that defy the conventions of written language—dream impressions that cannot be rendered fully comprehensible to waking consciousness. The process of chronicling one’s nightly dreams is thus a continuous negotiation between their characteristic surreality and the limitations of written text […]

Linear-42 is an alternative writing system that I am currently developing for the General American English dialect (GenAm). At present, the system expands the Classical Latin Alphabet to include multigraphs for English phonemes that were not previously represented. Diacritics have also been introduced to signal lexical stress […]