Geomantic Shield Notation

The system of geomantic notation herein proposed is intended to serve as an abbreviated means of communicating the basic features of a Shield Chart reading. Practitioners may find it particularly useful for note-taking, within a narrative text analyzing the characteristics of a chart, or when the image of a chart cannot be provided.

POP – Populus
VIA – Via
CON – Conjunctio
CAR – Carcer
LAE – Laetitia
TRI – Tristitia
CAP – Caput Draconis
CAU – Cauda Draconis
FMJ – Fortuna Major
FMN – Fortuna Minor
ACQ – Acquisitio
AMI – Amissio
PUL – Puella
PUR – Puer
ALB – Albus
RUB – Rubeus

M1 – First Mother
M2 – Second Mother
M3 – Third Mother
M4 – Fourth Mother
D1 – First Daughter
D2 – Second Daughter
D3 – Third Daughter
D4 – Fourth Daughter
N1 – First Niece
N2 – Second Niece
N3 – Third Niece
N4 – Fourth Niece
W1 – Right Witness
W2 – Left Witness
J1 – Judge
S1 – Sentence/Reconciler
V1 – Via Puncti Ignis
V2 – Via Puncti Aeris
V3 – Via Puncti Aquae
V4 – Via Puncti Terrae

Example Expressions

Four Mothers M1FMJ, M2PUR, M3LAE, M4CAU
Court W1LAE + W2CAP = J1VIA
Sentence/Reconciler J1VIA + M1FMJ = S1FMN
First Triplicity M1FMJ + M2PUR = N1CAU
Second Triplicity M3LAE + M4CAU = N2CON
Third Triplicity D1CAP + D2ACQ = N3ALB
Fourth Triplicity D3CAR + D4FMN = N4ACQ
Viae Punctorum V1PUR, V2FMN, V3CAP, V4CAR

Original featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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