Geomancy Reading No. 2

Date: 05.02.2021
Querent: Self
Interpreter: Self
Query: Where are her earbuds?

Context: I wanted to practice reading today and asked my wife if she had anything in particular that she wanted to know. She replied that she still couldn’t find her earbuds, which she lost about a week ago. I then grabbed a single die, generated Four Mothers, populated the Shield Chart, authenticated the chart, and began the reading.

Judge: My initial impression of the Judge was that it suggested the earbuds were in our bed, as I immediately interpreted Conjunctio as a location where she “joins” or “intermingles” with someone (wink wink).

Right Witness: I interpreted the Right Witness as suggesting that my wife had, up until this point, given up on finding them, which she confirmed. She also suggested that Cauda Draconis could signify the bed in terms of a place where we retire for the evening or “end” the day.

Left Witness: I interpreted the Left Witness (Laetitia) as suggestive of the joy that she will feel once she finds them. This figure, in particular, coupled with the Judge, led me to believe that she would, in fact, eventually find them.

Sentence: Despite my general anti-sentence position, I went ahead and generated this figure (J1CON + M1PUR = S1PUL). I struggled to interpret its meaning in context to the Judge, but my wife suggested that it could indicate the pleasure that she would derive from getting them back, since she really enjoys listening to music, books and podcasts with them.

Viae Punctorum: Via Puncti Aeris traced back to Fortuna Minor, which I struggled to interpret, while Via Puncti Aquae traced back to Conjunctio which I felt was again pointing to the bed as the possible location (intimacy and emotional bonding).

1st Triplicity: In light of my initial impression, I felt that the Puella within this triplicity represented her, Puer me, and Conjunctio the two of us together in “union”.

2nd Triplicity: No clue as to what this could mean.

3rd Triplicity: This is the one that really convinced me it was in the bed, or at least in the bedroom itself, as this triplicity signifies the places most frequented by the querent, and housed the same figures as the 1st Triplicity, though in a more explicit order.

4th Triplicity: Absolutely no idea what this triplicity was trying to tell me if, anything at all.

Point Sum: After totaling the points on the chart, I arrived at 91 and assumed this meant that she would find them relatively soon.

Result: After concluding the reading, we went into the bedroom and looked in, under, and around the bed with no results. I also checked in her nightstand but didn’t see them there either. I then checked in a few other places around the room, before calling it quits, while she looked in a few other places that matched her interpretation of the chart, such as around the front door. She additionally called the cafe where we sometimes meet, to no avail. I then laid on the bed and studied the chart once more to see if had perhaps I missed a clue. Just out of curiosity, I checked to see what figure would have fallen in the 2nd house of the House Chart had I done one. Conjunctio!? I then thought to myself “You GOTTA be here!”. I got up and checked in my wife’s nightstand a second time, and lo and behold, there they were, in the back of the drawer, peeking out from behind a bag of Ricola. Un…real. This system now has my full attention.

Original featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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