The following readings are the first in a developing series of geomantic investigations into the speculative presence of extraterrestrial intelligence and technology on earth. The first chart was humorously cast on June 12, 2021, at which time I was unable to interpret much beyond the Judge due to my limited experience. The experimental system of geomantic timeframes that I used for the reading is one that I had developed only several days prior. The subsequent charts were cast on July 23, 2021, and focused specifically on the declassified Nimitz UAP footage (“GOFAST” video) captured by the US Navy and officially released to the public by the US Department of Defense in 2020. These latter readings were conducted in consideration of the possibility that the UAP was not of extraterrestrial origin.

Query: When will the arrival of explicitly extraterrestrial beings be witnessed and broadcasted to humanity as a whole?

Court: The Judge suggests that the arrival of extraterrestrial beings has already occurred and been broadcasted, implying one of two possibilities: (1) the fictional arrival of extraterrestrial beings has been witnessed and broadcasted around the world in media such as cinema and radio, or (2) existing footage that has generally been considering dubious is actually authentic. Assuming the second possibility to be accurate, the Left Witness, Right Witness, and Sentence could suggest that the extraterrestrial’s past “understanding” of something led to them making a “rash” decision which ultimately resulted in the “end” of something. Alternatively, they may have gained sufficient “knowledge” of some form of “energy” which allowed them to “exit” their place of origin.

Viae Punctorum: Via Puncti Ignis and Aeris both trace back to Fortuna Minor, suggesting that their arrival was largely caused or motivated by a need for “outside assistance”. Via Puncti Aquae traces back to Cauda Draconis, possibly indicating that their fear of something coming to an “end” also contributed to their voyage here. Via Puncti Terrae traces back to Tristitia which may be referring to the “decline” of something structural as a driving cause for their departure from their place of origin. Alternatively, Tristitia could be implying that physical “illness” or “sorrow” was also a causal factor.

Triplicities: The 1st Triplicity may be echoing Via Puncti Terrae, suggesting that their “species” (N1) have been experiencing considerable “sorrow”, “illness”, or ongoing “decline” (M1 and M2). The 2nd Triplicity possibly suggests that the extraterrestrial’s present knowledge of something, and past need for “outside assistance” (D3), has led them to “depart” (D4) from their place of origin. The 3rd Triplicity may again be referring to the extraterrestrial’s “species” (N3), while D1 and D2 (Fortuna Major) possibly indicate that they “survived” and will continue to persevere through the “adversities” occurring in their homeworld.

Chart Sum: The sum of this chart (96) may or may not be relevant to the query.

Query: Why was the UAP near the USS Nimitz?

Court: The Judge possibly suggests that the UAP was in search of something “missing” or “lost”. Alternatively, the Judge might also be suggesting that the UAP was “depleted” in some way. The Left Witness and Sentence indicates that it “succeeded” in “obtaining” what it was looking for. The meaning of the Right Witness is unclear to me at this time, though it might suggest that the UAP previously “contained” whatever it was searching for.

Viae Punctorum: Both Via Puncti Ignis and Aquae trace back to Puella, suggesting that its search was largely driven by an intention or need to “balance” something.

Triplicities: Reading the 1st Triplicity as the condition of the UAP at the time that it was observed, Via here may indicate “travel”, though I struggle to interpret M2 and D1 at this time. The 2nd Triplicity may be suggesting that whatever was “lost” (N2) lay “beneath” (M3) the surface of the water and, upon recovery, would restore some form of “balance” (M4). Despite it being unclear to me now, the 3rd Triplicity feels incredibly relevant, as I’m interpreting Puer as “energy”, Fortuna Minor as needed “assistance”, and Tristitia as “downward movement” into the ocean.

Chart Sum: The sum of this chart (94) may or may not be relevant to this query.

Query: Where did the Nimitz UAP come from?

Court: The Judge suggests that the UAP “traveled” from somewhere being indicated by the Right Witness, though the meaning of Laetitia in this context is unclear to me at this time. The Sentence and Left Witness may be implying that the designers of the UAP (or the UAP itself) will be “successful” in a “new beginning” of some kind, despite the challenges that will be faced in the process.

Viae Punctorum: Via Puncti Ignis traces back to Fortuna Minor, suggesting that the journey was driven by a need for “outside assistance”. Via Puncti Aeris traces back to Acquisitio, indicative of an idea concerning the “collection” of something. Via Puncti Aquae traces back to Fortuna Major, which I struggle to interpret at this time. Via Puncti Terrae traces back to Carcer, possibly implying that the journey was necessary due to the “limited” capacity of something material, structural, or physical.

Triplicities: I am unsure as to whether the 1st and 4th Triplicities are relevant to the query, though the 2nd Triplicity possibly suggests that the UAP or its designers’ accumulated “knowledge” is allowing it/them to “acquire” something that will result in a “new beginning”. If read as the environment of the quesited, the 3rd Triplicity may imply that the UAP’s place of origin (D1) is currently in a state of “decline” (N3) and will, at some point in the future, be “limited” (D2) in its capacity (echoing Via Puncti Terrae).

Chart Sum: The sum of this chart (96) may or may not be relevant to the query.

Featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash