Query: Does X feel threatened by the prospect of Y’s promotion?

Note: The Four Daughters in this chart were each generated manually (i.e., in the same manner as the Four Mothers), primarily to expand the number of possible Judges and to enable odd-even pairs of Witnesses.

Albus as the Judge is likely answering “no” to the query, as it suggests that X is indifferent to (or at peace with) the prospect of Y’s promotion and would consider it a wise decision on their part. The Right Witness (Puer) perhaps reflects X’s confidence in their own ability to lead the department, though I’m struggling to understand the meaning of the Left Witness (Via) at the moment.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The 1st Triad formed by Populus, Albus, and Albus may be depicting X’s wisdom and experience as a supervisor, while the 2nd Triad Formed by Ablus, Via, and Puer perhaps highlights X’s senior role in the department and certain changes now underway in preparation for Y’s promotion. The 3rd Triad may be portraying the support from colleagues that Y has received for their advancement (Fortuna Minor), their eagerness to enter into a leadership role (Caput Draconis), and their hope for a harmonious transition (Puella). The 4th Triad likely implies that Y’s promotion would raise morale within the department (Laetitia), owing to new initiatives (Caput Draconis) and changes (Via) they are intending to introduce.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Lastly, Via Puncti Aquae leads back to Puella within the 3rd Triad, which could be an indication that X’s feelings regarding Y’s promotion extend from a sincere affinity that they have for them.

The experimental model of triplicities used to interpret this chart is presented in the addendum at the end of A Binary Model of the Four Triplicities.

Altered featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash