Query: Will his supervisor’s assistant be fired this year?

Amissio as the Judge is likely answering “yes” to the query, as its literal meaning and “exiting” quality of movement (Arabic: خارج, khārij) both imply departure.1 The Right Witness (Laetitia) possibly suggests that the assistant is satisfied in their current position and could also be reflecting their intended upward advancement. However, the Left Witness (Albus) may be indicating that their termination will serve to stabilize things within the department moving forward.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The 1st Triad formed by Acquisitio, Fortuna Minor, and Carcer may be reflecting the assistant’s increased dependence on others and thus their limited abilities at this level of leadership. The 2nd Triad perhaps highlights the conflicts that have arisen within the department since the assistant’s hiring (Puer), the low morale that it has caused (Tristitia), and the efforts being made by their colleagues to continue the department’s success despite the circumstances (Fortuna Minor). Moreover, the 3rd Triad formed by Caput Draconis, Laetitia, and Via likely suggests that the assistant’s managees will be positively affected by their termination. However, the 4th Triad formed by Populus, Amissio, and Amissio may be conveying that their departure will also result in significant losses or a reduction of some kind within the department.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Via Puncti Ignis leads back to Fortuna Minor within the 1st Triad, possibly indicating that the assistant’s termination will ultimately occur at the demand of those they have overly relied on. Additionally, Via Puncti Aquae leads back to Amissio within the 4th Triad, which I struggle to interpret at the moment, though it seems to suggest that an emotional loss of some kind (or further descent?) will also be a causal factor in their termination.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The point sum of this chart (96) may be an indication that the assistant will be fired at the very end of this year.

The experimental model of triplicities used to interpret this chart is presented in the addendum at the end of “A Binary Model of the Four Triplicities“.

  1. In contrast to the mobile-stable division of the figures commonly presented in the Western geomantic tradition, some forms of Arabic geomancy recognize four qualities of movement, based on the figures’ active/passive fire and earth lines. Figures possessing a passive fire line and active earth line are considered to be “entering” (Arabic: داخل, dākhil). Figures possessing an active fire line and passive earth line are considered “exiting” (Arabic: خارج, khārij). Figures possessing active fire and earth lines are considered “fluctuating” (Arabic: منقلب, munqalib). Figures possessing passive fire and earth lines are considered “unmoving” (Arabic: ثابت, thābit).

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