The following reading is the fourth in a series of geomantic investigations into the speculative presence of extraterrestrial intelligence and technology here on earth. It is also the first reading in the series that employs the recently developed Novenary Chart, an experimental interpretive framework largely structured around the intuition of the reader.

Query: Are extraterrestrial intelligences monitoring humanity’s development?

Outer Triad: Albus as the Return (F6) is a positive indicator relevant to the query, possibly suggesting that extraterrestrial intelligences have gained “insight” into humanity’s present condition. Albus also appearing as the Right Condition (F1) may suggest that their observation of humanity’s development has been ongoing, while Populus as the Left Condition (F3) could be explicitly referring to the “human species” as the subject of observation.

Right Triad: Conjunctio as the Fulcrum (F2) may be reflecting the extraterrestrials’ intention to “interact” or make “contact” with the human species, a motive which appears linked to the Right Condition (F1) indicating their ongoing observation. Rubeus as the Right Process (F4) possibly reveals that humanity is somehow in “danger”, a situation that may be central to the extraterrestrials’ observations and intention to make contact.

Left Triad: Conjunctio as the Left Process (F5) may be indicating that humanity’s contact or interaction with these intelligences would result in a “union” or “merger” of some kind. This potential merger would constitute an intervention in connection with the aforementioned danger and may also be underlying their decision to monitor human development.

Ternion: Rubeus as the 7th, 8th, and 9th figures may be reinforcing the aforementioned interpretation of the Right Process (F4), again suggesting that an imminent “danger” now threatens humanity’s existence.

Featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash