Query: Why does the universe exist?

Context: This reading was performed while I was alone in my office and during a period of dejection with regard to the trajectory of my career.

Court: The Judge (Via) suggests that the universe exists for the purpose of “change” or “becoming”. Via here may alternatively suggest a meta result, i.e., that the universe exists so that the answer to the query may be pursued. The Right Witness (Laetitia) may be interpreted as my “upward movement” or life-long transcendentalist aspirations, as well as the joy that this pursuit has yielded in my past. The Left Witness (Caput Draconis) possibly suggests that this becoming is also the beginning of something that ultimately culminates in an experiential union of some kind, signified by the Sentence/Reconciler (Conjunctio). Caput Draconis may also be interpreted as the future of becoming as the expression of all possibilities.

Viae Punctorum: Were I to assume that I, the querent, am in fact the universe inquiring into the purpose of its own existence, both Via Puncti Ignis and Via Puncti Aeris (Puer) suggest that my becoming is driven by the unification of will and thought directed in a singular direction, perhaps toward experiential union indicated by the Sentence/Reconciler. Via Puncti Aquae traces back to Fortuna Major which may be indicative of the felt adversity that often accompanies complex transformation. Via Puncti Terrae traces back to Carcer which, in the context of the Judge, may suggest that this process of becoming and the experiential union is in some way characterized by a process of “unbinding” or “release”.

1st Triplicity: The Child within this triplicity, Tristitia, may refer to my current state of hopelessness and sense of feeling “trapped” (Carcer) by the familial and financial obligations that have bound me to my chosen profession. Laetitia as the left parent may, in this sense, be pointing to the genuine happiness that I am longing to feel.

2nd Triplicity: Carcer, as the child within this triplicity, speaks strongly to my feelings of existential isolation from the very reality that I inhabit. As such, Rubeus as the right parent may refer to my ignorance concerning the purpose for which the universe exists, and Purer, the left parent, to my relentless and ongoing pursuit of existential understanding.

3rd Triplicity: Cauda Draconis as the child may here suggest that my current professional circumstances may be brought to an end, and that release may be contingent upon the strength of my efforts and willingness to accept the hardships that May have to be endured to gain this freedom.

4th Triplicity: Carcer as the child within this triplicity echoes its meaning the 3rd, the sense of imprisonment that I now feel at work, despite ongoing support from my colleagues, supervisors, and family (Populus). Carcer as the left parent perhaps foretells that these feelings will persist, or that an implosion is inevitable, should I chose to remain where I am.

Chart Sum: This chart has a point sum of 96, which I struggle to interpret in light of the query. In geomantic divination, 96 is the mean number against which higher and lower totals are normally compared in order to ascertain how quickly or slowly a particular matter will develop or be resolved.

Altered featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash