Will China invade Taiwan in the next two years?

In this particular context, Acquisitio as the Judge may be answering “yes” to the query, as its basic meaning is “gain”, and its quality of movement is “ingressive” (Arabic: داخل, dakhil).1 The Right Witness could be indicating that China would be assisted or supported in their efforts by another nation, though this figure might also suggest that any successes they might have would be short-lived. The Left Witness possibly implies that Taiwan would be isolated or cut off somehow if the invasion occurs. Surprisingly, the Sentence seems to forecast peace and stability as the final outcome of this potential conflict, leading me to believe that China may ultimately be unsuccessful in its attempt (as reinforced by the Right Witness), or that a compromise would be reached between both polities.

Via Puncti Aeris leads back to Caput Draconis within the 1st Triplicity on China’s half of the shield, perhaps suggesting that a new geopolitical paradigm would underly China’s invasion. Via Puncti Terrae leads back to Tristitia within the 3rd Triplicity on Taiwan’s half of the shield, which I struggle to interpret at the moment. However, Tristitia in this context could be communicating something concerning an economic or material decline in Taiwan, possibly suggesting that China would first initiate a trade war to weaken Taiwan’s position and make victory more possible. 

The 1st Triplicity may be echoing my aforementioned interpretation of Via Puncti Aeris, while the 2nd Triplicity could reflect China’s aspiration to bring Taiwan into harmony with the mainland for its own economic growth. The 3rd Triplicity again suggests that the Taiwanese would be isolated in some way during the conflict, or slow to respond if it occurs, though Laetitia within this triplicity appears to forecast joy and upward development following these potential events. Alternatively, Laetitia is ruled by the element of water, and its quality of movement is “egressive” (Arabic: خارج, kharij), possibly suggesting that many Taiwanese would desperately attempt to evacuate the island during the potential conflict. Unfortunately, the 4th Triplicity suggests that Taiwan would experience significant losses if China invades, though these losses would likely further unite the population in its fight for independence or garner international support for their cause.

The sum of this chart (101) may suggest that China’s potential invasion would extend past the two-year timeframe specified in the query.

The experimental interpretive framework employed for this reading can be reviewed here. Any insights or alternative interpretations that readers may have to offer are welcomed and appreciated.

  1. In contrast to the mobile-stable division of the figures used in Western geomancy, some forms of Arabic geomancy recognize four qualities of movement. “Entering” figures (داخل, dakhil) are those with passive fire lines and active earth lines. “Exiting” figures (خارج, kharij) have active fire lines and passive earth lines. “Wavering” figures (منقلب, munqalib) have active fire and earth lines, indicating fluctuation. “Unmoving” figures (ثابت, thabit) have passive fire and earth lines.

Altered featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash