Did X steal Y’s medication?

I feel that the Judge is answering “yes” to this query, as it suggests that X was successful in stealing the meds, though not without difficulty. The Right Witness could be reflecting X’s ill-intentions from the very beginning of their contract, while the Left Witness appears to forecast a new beginning of some kind in the near future, perhaps referring to Y’s intention to hire a new contractor in light of what occurred. The Sentence seems to support the verdict of the Judge and implies that X will ultimately profit or benefit somehow from the stolen meds.

Via Puncti Terrae leads back to Puer, possibly suggesting that X’s actions resulted from a rash decision driven by some physical or material need. Via Puncti Aquae leads back to Fortuna Major, though I struggle to interpret its causal relation to X’s actions at the moment.

The 1st Triplicity may be reflecting X’s character (Rubeus) behind their persona (Albus), as well as their possession of the meds (Conjunctio). The 2nd Triplicity (objects/possessions) may again be indicating that X has the meds (Conjunctio), though it also suggests that they are being used to deal with an illness of some kind (Tristitia) that recently developed (Caput Draconis). The meaning of the 3rd Triplicity (environment) eludes me at the moment, though the 4th could be highlighting Y’s contractual agreement with X (Carcer), the stolen meds (Amissio), and the challenges that Y might face in their search for a new contractor.

Any insights or alternative interpretations that readers may have to offer are welcomed and appreciated. The experimental model of triplicities employed for this reading can be reviewed at https://minorfracture.blog/2021/11/13/rethinking-geomantic-triplicities/

Altered featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash