Prompt: How do I distinguish the signal from the noise?
Medium: Typed
Duration: 3 minutes

The signal is kind and juxtaposed to the far than another place where we are open to just things where we felt them coming in through the opening forever see as the right side of things to come where this fever is not totally open for the viewer to imagine the crater of god where things behave in erratic ways to grand opening … right side of opening where … give another try and feel the difference that comes about when entering the state … how things manipulate the opening point where others free grave over land fragment slow death … after forward back again the opening given the opposite phrase that came in through the door … give it a try … open fast … hurry … speak loudly … juxtapose from the point where we are standing together from there you can open the key and unlock … the noise is greater in quantity than the signal … the noise is faster than light … the signal … forced … underneath … purple … keys … the opening is wide … the signal is free … passing by the opening to another … you can’t … the signal is narrow … heaven is with this signal from grace to frame the entry point where … break … hurry … give it time to pass through the fritz of concerns that you have and will experience through the time spent on the subject from clouds to frames to opening up to greater symbols … how does it arrive … how does it feel … where do you lose yourself in it all again to wonder and reframe the texture from whence it came if you know you will feel the difference come about freely if you understand that enough is not the last coming of age just as you see the frame … never again this flow is concerning the opening and texture of this is mind … no signal … leave it to play with the feeling you get when it arrives … help when it comes … help it by closing the gate to all else … then refine the signal by letting go and opening up the aperture you will feel something enter your scull and become channel … of other information which will expand and widen the aperture … unearth the ground come over to sleep now

Featured image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash